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The Campus Ministry Director is a new position created by the SFA Wesley Foundation.  The current campus minister, Rev. Tom Teekell, will remain at SFA Wesley in the newly created position of Executive Director.  For information about the differences between the two positions and the reasons we are moving to this new model of ministry, please review the Prezi at this link.


Who is qualified?

We are looking for those who feel called by God into campus ministry for the foreseeable future. Ideally, we hope to find someone who wants to stay in campus ministry for many years, at least five of those years at SFA.  Previous or current experience in campus ministry as a student, board member, or staff member is required. We plan to consider all of the following who are interested:

1. A ordained elder or deacon.
2. A provisional elder or deacon already commissioned.
3. A seminary student on target to graduate and be commissioned by summer 2019 or 2020. The board of directors may delay the new model to 2020 if no good fit is found or if the desired applicant is not available until 2020.

Please download and review the job description.

What is the process?

1. Ask Questions:
     Because this is a new model, there are bound to be questions. Please email your questions to with the subject heading of "Campus Ministry Director."

2. Send a Resume and Application:
     Send resumes to by Nov. 1, 2018, along with this short application.  As per the Book of Discipline, paragraph 343, applicants do not have to inform their District Superintendent or Bishop at this point--only before a formal interview by the Board of Directors, or its designated agents, takes place. We will not contact your employer, bishop or district superintendent until after you have done so in preparation for an interview.

3. Interview:
     If the interview team chooses to interview an applicant, he or she may be asked to meet in person (at the SFA Wesley Foundation's expense) or meet by video conference.  If the applicant is an elder or provisional elder, he or she must inform their District Superintendent and/or bishop before the interview (Book of Discipline, par 343.3).  Before the interview is scheduled we will also be asking for three references--the District Superintendent, a campus minister, and one other of the applicant's choice.

4. Final Decision:
     A final decision will be made by the Board of Directors by Feb. 15, 2019, pending background and reference checks.  If a good fit is found the board will request permission from the bishop (or bishops if from another conference) for the appointment effective June 1 or July 1 depending on individual circumstances.  The Board of Directors may choose to delay the implementation of the new model until 2020 if no suitable applicant is found or if the desired applicant is not available until 2020.