Just for First-Year Students


Just for First-Year Students

If you are looking for a place to continue growing in your faith once you get into college or if you are looking for a place to discover your faith for the first time, Wesley is the place for you. For a Freshman, we know that the transition from high school to college can be tough socially, mentally, and spiritually. We have ministries specifically for YOU!

FORGE Mentorship Program

FORGE is a program where first-year students (mentees) are paired up with upperclassman students (mentors) to forge an intentional relationship. Mentors and mentees meet together once a week for an hour (or more) to discuss everything from school to spiritual growth. 

First-year Community Group

This is a first-year only Bible study. It meets for dinner at 5 pm on Thursdays at Wesley to eat in the Student Center then walks back over to Wesley for Bible study at 6 pm. This is a topical Bible study and the topics are chosen specifically for things that affect your daily life. 

First-year Planning Team

First-Year Planning Team (FPT) meets once a week for an hour on Wednesdays after our weekly worship service. FPT helps plan various events and worship services throughout the year. If you are looking for a place to build leadership skills, then FPT is the perfect place to start.


When we say the Wesley could run without Tom or Ben we aren’t joking. Wesley is largely run by students that sit on our council. There are various positions that are filled every year. Our council elections are done in the spring but we want first-years to have the opportunity to become leaders in Wesley, so some positions have assistant chairs that are open for first-years to fill. Positions that are available to first-years include:

Assistant Fellowship Chair

Fellowship Chair is in charge of helping plan and run fellowship events throughout the year. If you love to help bring people together with lots of fun and laughs, this position might be the one for you! 

Assistant Outreach Chair

Outreach Chair is in charge of bringing Wesley to the SFA campus. We have various outreach events throughout the year including our popsicle, hot chocolate, and Scantron handouts. The Assistant Outreach Chair helps with various outreach events as well as contacting new people that show up to worship. 

Assistant Worship Chair

Worship Chair is in charge of the weekly running of worship and for planning special worship services. Assistant Worship Chair will have the opportunity to help plan special worship services along with taking a leadership role within Wesley. 


Survival Camp

An event dedicated to preparing you for your first year at college.

Dorm Move In

Sign up for help carrying your stuff from your car to your dorm on August 26th!

Welcome Week

The first week of classes is filled with great events. Be sure to check out our calendar on our EVENTS page!

Parents, pastors, youth directors, or secretaries can submit information about students here.