For our fall fundraiser, donors "sponsored" marble teams.  Each time a team got $100 in sponsorship from all sources, it received "specialized" training in one of the events, improving their performance for that event.  If a donor sponsored an entire team, they got to name it and it got training in all 5 events.  We recorded each event at 100 frames per second and will be posting them the coming weeks.  We drew our inspiration from Jelle's Marble Runs on YouTube and highly recommend his videos!


Meet the Teams in the Opening ceremony!

Prism Phantoms
Bleeding Hearts
Envy Envoy
Lemon Aids
Tidal Waves
Calico Kittens
Iron Golems
Galaxy Girls
Wilder/Kochman Ladies

Event 1 - Team Slalom

Event 2 - Pachinko 

Event 3 - 30-Foot Dash

Finale - Long Jump and High Dive