What are "mystery worshippers"?

Mystery worshippers are college students who visit churches and give honest, constructive feedback to pastors about their experience.  If you ever wondered how your church appears to new people, especially young adults, we are here and willing to help!  Mystery worshippers are anonymous and give feedback on everything from how the service was, whether or not they were greeted by the congregation, and how easy it was to find their way around. 

Who has access to these reports?

Mystery worshippers are anonymous and simply leave a card in the offering plate as it reaches them in the service. The card provides the church with the ability to contact us and get the results from their report emailed to them. These reports are solely for the churches that were visited and are not shared with any outside parties. 

How do I get my report?

Please email sfawesleyworshippers@gmail.com with the code on the card that was left in the offering basket.  We will get your report to you as soon as possible! You can also request that another mystery worshipper be sent to your church in the future for another report.