What We Do


What We Do

At the Wesley Foundation our mission is to lead college students to accept a life in Christ that makes practical differences in their everyday lives. Wesley encourages this relationship in Christ to develop through weekly worship services, bible studies, fellowship, service events, mission trips, life-skills training, and leadership training.

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Weekly Worship Services

Every Wednesday we have a home-cooked dinner at 6 pm (after cafeteria food you’ll be excited for some home cooking), The cost is FREE for first time visitors and just $2 after that. At 7 pm, our Hearts Afire praise band leads a contemporary worship service and Tom delivers the message every week. Worship is super laid back so no need to dress up. Just show up as you are! 

Bible Studies

Bible studies are held almost daily (except for Wednesday’s and Friday’s) and are led by students. Studies are held at different times and on different days, so finding a Bible study that works with your schedule is usually pretty easy.


C.O.R.E. stands for Curriculum of Religious Education and is an in-depth Bible study run by Jesselyn and Tom on Tuesday nights. Every six weeks there is a new module. The four modules are Intro to Theology, How to Study the Bible, Old Testament Survey, and New Testament Survey. These modules are offered every year. 

Fellowship and Service Events

Wesley has multiple fellowship events that are put together by students--everything from a canoe and kayak trip taken every fall, spiritual retreats, to game and movie nights. There is never a dull moment! The Wesley Foundation also offers many service events throughout the year that help impact the communities around us. Every spring we take a service trip to Galveston, TX for a beach cleanup. If you are in need of service hours for other organizations or scholarships, Wesley is a great place to fulfill these requirements while being the hands and feet for Christ. 

Mission Trips

Every two years the SFA Wesley Foundation and the Texas A&M Wesley Foundation travel to Corozal Town, Belize. We spend a little over a week working closely with a Methodist church and school. We never know what is going to need to be done until we get there, but the work can include painting murals, laying foundation, and loving on the kids at the school.

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