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Our Beliefs

Our Motto

"Finding Faith with Friends"

When it comes to our relationship with God in Christ and others, we should always be willing to find areas where we need to grow in a supportive Christian community.  We believe that our motto is a simple way to reflect this desire to become more Christ-like.

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Our Mission

"To lead college students to accept a life in Christ that makes practical differences in their everyday lives."

Faith doesn't make a difference only in eternity, but should also make a difference in how we live among, talk with, and related to others.

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Our Affiliation

We are a campus ministry affiliated with the United Methodist Church. However, all are welcome, regardless of your denominational or religious affiliation, even if you have no religious affiliation. We are a community of believers (and explorers!) growing together in Christ's love and fellowship with each other. 

Our Student Body

We are an outreach of the United Methodist Church to the college campus. Our active student body, however, includes a wide variety of faith and non-faith backgrounds. Although our elected leaders are baptized Christians (not necessarily United Methodist), our doors are open to all who want to be a part of our mission in any way.


At the Wesley Foundation, we believe that we are constantly growing and changing in our walk with Christ. Wesley is to be a place for you to grow in your faith by exploring answers to difficult questions. We hope you will join us.

Has the UM split changed anything?

Wesley has had the same leadership with a reputation for quality ministry for 25 years. The split has changed nothing regarding the beliefs of the UMC or the practices of the ministry of the Wesley Foundation. 

SFA Wesley has financial support from many churches in the UMC and GMC because they all trust the leadership to faithfully minister to their students. Our board of directors also has UMC, GMC, and CME representation.

If you are Methodist, ask your pastor about SFA Wesley and its leaders! See Rev. Tom Teekell's profile for a statement on his doctrinal foundations.

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