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SFA Wesley History

The Wesley Foundation at Stephen F. Austin State University (previously Stephen F. Austin Teacher's College) was established on Jan. 3, 1929.

Excerpts from personal letters discovered in March of 2023

"We are installing a Bible Chair in Stephen F. Austin Teacher's College here to begin work with the opening of the new year. Your name has been suggested to us and I am writing to ask if you would be interested." --From Presiding Elder Rev. Ed Harris to Rev. George Steinman, Nov. 27, 1928

"I want to do God's will for my life. But I do not find it easy to know 'What is the good, and perfect, and acceptable will of God.' I have prayed about the matter; I have talked with my people. The call comes repeatedly from Brother Harris.  I have left it up to you.  And I pray that your decision may be what God wants me to do." --Rev. George Steinman to Bishop John M. Moore, Dec. 6, 1928.

"I think it very well for you to accept the position for this year." --Bishop John Moore of the Methodist Episcopal Church (South) to Rev. Steinman, December 9, 1928

Wesley Building.jpeg

Brief history

      We offer Bible studies, teach Christian theology, train students in leadership, give opportunities for local service and international missions, and provide a place for life-long friendships to form.

     The Wesley Foundation was established on Jan 3, 1929, with Rev George Steinman as the first campus minister. Classes were held in the brand new (and current) building on E. College Street on June 25, 1929.

     In 1949-50, Macon A. Gunter Chapel was added to the building, and the entire building was renamed after him, an SFA student who died in combat in WWII. In 1979-80, the fellowship hall and kitchen were added. 

     Since 1998, Wesley has acquired several properties, and the building has been remodeled or added to several times.
     Wesley has decades of history leading mission trips to Indian reservations, New York (during 9/11), Mexico, and Belize. Inviting students of all religious and denominational backgrounds to explore Christian life has been a hallmark of Wesley since its inception.  We invite you to be a part of the history being written right now.

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