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Weekly Schedule - Fall 2024 coming soon!

This is what we do every week!  For our other event in the semester, visit our Event Calendar. Changes in our events or schedule are announced on GroupMe (join here). You can also see when we are open and directions to Wesley on the Contacts & Directions page.

*Unless noted, events are at the Wesley Foundation (129 E. College St.)


11 AM: Worship at FUMC Nacogdoches 

6 PM: Choir Practice

7 PM: Hearts Afire Practice


Noon: Gospel of Mark Bible Study @ Student Center Starbucks led by Pastor Ben

6 PM: Men's Night : Fellowship and devo with Pastor Ben

6 PM: Women's Night: Fellowship and devo with Savannah


11 AM to 2 PM: Wesley on Campus (courtyard of Student Center): We hang out on campus, meeting new people, taking prayer requests, and answering questions.

7 PM: "The Chosen" Watch Party: Join Savannah in watching and discussing the series.


6 PM: Dinner (homemade meal, free your first time, $3 after)

7 PM: Worship

8:15 PM: Breakout Groups: Go more in-depth as we talk about the message in worship for about 45 minutes.


6 PM: First-Year Community Group: Talk about your faith and your week.


Noon: Women in Ministry: Pray, share and seek empowerment in your faith with Shonease

5 PM: Romans Bible Study: Join Lucas in studying the book of Romans


See our Event Calendar for weekend events.

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